NEW YORK -- The Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot was  prominently represented at events recently held in New York City in conjunction with  Operation Finale: The Capture and Trial of Adolf Eichmann, the landmark exhibition created by Beit Hatfutsot with the Mossad and sponsored by Tamar and Milton Maltz.  The exhibition  is presented through December 2017  at the Museum of Jewish Heritage--A Living Memorial to the Holocaust at 36 Battery Place, New York, NY.

Representatives from Beit Hatfutsot's family included: Irina Nevzlin, Beit Hatfutsot's Board of Directors Chair; Dan Tadmor, CEO; Dr. Orit Shaham Gover, Chief Curator; Stephen M. Greenberg, AFBH Past President and Chair, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations; Shula Bahat, CEO Beit Hatfutsot of America; Daniel Pincus, AFBH President; AFBH Board member Elissa Blaser; benefactors, Sofia and Mike Segal; Patrick Gallagher, designer of the New Museum of the Jewish People; Hana Pri-Zan, President, Israeli Friends of Beit Hatfutsot; Gloria Golan, Director AFBH; Avner Avraham, former Mossad official and exhibit curator.
Irina Nevzlin offered greetings to Bruce Ratner, Chairman, and Michael Glickman, CEO and President, at the 20th Anniversary celebration of the Museum of Jewish Heritage-- A Living Memorial to the Holocaust (MJHNYC) she stressed how important is the partnership between the two enterprises.

"Beit Hatfutsot is proud of its role in convincing the Mossad to unveil the details behind the capture and trial of Eichmann, a story that was fundamental and defining in the history of the State of Israel and Jews everywhere."  She further added that "there are many hidden Jewish stories and our mutual mission is to uncover them and give Jewish people around the world reasons to be proud of our many successes throughout history and in modern times."

"We, at Beit Hatfutsot", she said, "want the younger generations to be inspired by their heritage. Our aim is to educate them about their roots, personal as well as communal narrative and help them realize the amazing family that they belong to."

Beit Hatfutsot co-sponsored with the MJHNYC " Eyewitness to History", featuring Michael  Goldmann Gilead (Miki) in conversation with Eli Rosenbaum.Mi ki Goldmann Gilead, a Holocaust survivor and an Israeli police officer, was a key member of Bureau-06, a special unit of the Israeli Police that conducted the Eichmann Trial investigation and served as a top aid to Attorney General Gideon Hausner. Eli Rosenbaum, Director of Human Rights Enforcement Strategy and Policy at the US Department of Justice, directed the DOJ Office of Special Investigations (OSA), responsible for identifying, denaturalizing, and deporting Nazi war criminals.

Miki Goldmann warned that the fanatic and murderous Nazi fascist ideology, which caused the death of 55 million victims in WWII, is still alive and active the world over. Often under different names, it continues to fuel hatred and destruction of people because of their ethnicity, origin, religion, or skin color. He concluded that if we want to survive, only one hope remains for humankind: to be free of such murderous ideologies. We must assure future generations of our ability to co-exist,  to respect the life of each and every human being, as we are all born in the image of G[-]D. Miki Goldmann received a standing ovation in recognition of the historic significance of this rare and memorable experience.

Irina Nevzlin related to the recent visit in Israel of United Nations Secretary General, Mr. Antonio Guterres, who chose Beit Hatfutsot as the platform to deliver his most significant speech. Guterres stressed that the Holocaust is the culmination of thousands of years of Anti-Semitism, the hatred and discrimination targeting Jews. Anti-Semitism, he underscored, includes any call for the destruction of the State of Israel.  She emphasized that "We are guided by the important mission of telling the story of all Jewish People today, in the past and for the future." She invited the participants to visit Beit Hatfutsot, the Museum of ALL Jewish People.

Following the formal programs, Avner Avraham guided guests through Operation Final: The Capture and Trial of Adolf Eichmann.


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