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See Site Index for our current news sections.  The Jewish Observer ("TJO") looks forward to serving you and taking positive steps and inroads in changing today's news media.  We invite the Greater Los Angeles community to be an active contributor to your local news.  The Jewish Observer welcomes tipsters, story ideas and breaking news stories when they occur.  Please note, however, that TJO does not accept solicitations, endorsements, business and product promotions (including books, films, CDs etc.) weblinks, or paid events as story ideas or news tips. Please refer these to paid display advertisements. TJO welcomes public broadcasting documentaries and and the like  It is the entire Jewish community which makes The Jewish Observer a participant in Greater Metropolitan Los Angeles Jewish news.  Submit news stories and news tips to


Please read the disclaimer on the Opinion/Editorial Page prior to submissions.  Opinions, editorials and letters to the editor are to be limited to 1,200 words. Any opinion or editorial exceeding 1,200 words will be automatically declined.  TJO does not accept two-part op-eds in lieu of this. No exceptions. Please also note that TJO does not accept solicitations, endorsements, business and product promotions (including books, movies, CDs etc.) weblinks or paid events as op/eds promoting same.  Please refer these to paid display advertisements. 

All op-eds are to be submitted from the author him/her self and from an e-mail bearing the same name (in whole or in part) as the author / writer of the op/ed.  It must also include a physical address, city, state and nation if out of the United States and phone number.  Except for city and state, addresses are not published with op-eds, they assist in authenticating op-eds.  If any opinions, editorials and letters to the editor do not comply with disclaimer guidelines, they will be automatically declined and removed from our system, with or without notification thereon.  The Jewish Observer does not accept op-eds submitted from third parties. 

Please keep in mind that views expressed in the Opinion-Editorial section are not necessarily the views of The Jewish Observer, Los Angeles.  If there is a disagreement with editorials, opinions, or letters, readers have a right to rebut, with the same disclaimer guidelines as outlined above.


The Jewish Observer, Los Angeles, offers its calendar listings for Jewish events charging up to $14.99 free of charge to all  regularly active news contributors. However, for all others who are not regularly active news contributors, there is a $35.99 weekly rate (for up to 20 words, any words over takes the next same rate, etc) for calendar listings.  To submit calendar listings, e-mail  On rare occasions, the paper will publish a movie review or a book review. During these rare occasions, the property submitted for review remains the property of the paper for authentication purposes for that story.


The Jewish Observer, Los Angeles, offers display, calendar and classified advertisements.

If you would like to place an ad, please e-mail or mail the actual language precisely how you want it to appear in the ad, with any pictures, graphics, or drawings.  We will then design and return e-mail a proof.  If your ad is camera ready (already designed), please e-mail it to The Jewish Observer. Once payment (domestic by check or money order or international by American Express Travelers Check or via wire) is received, TJO will place it out for publication.  Generally, the deadline to receive ads and payment is Friday 3 p.m. for the upcoming Monday’s edition. For an Ad Rate Sheet, outlining TJO's ad options, rates and sizes, please send your e-mail request to 

TJO does not publish solicitations, endorsements, business and product promotions (including books, films, CDs etc.) weblinks or paid events for free.  Please do not send books, CDs (except  those requested), etc to The Jewish Observer in expectation of reviews. (These are referred to paid advertisements). 

The Jewish Observer, Los Angeles, holds itself harmless from any and all representations made in all advertisements published herein. It is the responsibility of the consumer to thoroughly check any and all representations made in advertisements herein for products, services and/or any claims and allegations made.

(Please also note that TJO has adjusted its advertising rate change as of 2014.  Any rate sheet received prior thereto is no longer valid.)


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The Jewish Observer, Los Angeles, offers charitable advertising to non-profit companies which qualify.  However, non-profit charitable advertisements are contingent upon a minimum of a two-week paid ad run. In other words, for every paid two weeks of ad publication, one week is free to qualifying companies, up to two weeks per entity per year, depending on availability.  Thus, the total number of charitable non-profit ads per entity is limited to two weeks per year.  

To apply, non profit companies must complete IRS Form 8283 Charitable Advertising and submit the signed original form and a requesting letter to The Jewish Observer, Los Angeles, P.O. Box 261661, Encino, California 91426. In the letter, please specifically state your requested date(s) of publication and size of advertisement for consideration.  For more information, please submit your e-mail to 


The Jewish Observer, Los Angeles, does not currently provide legal listings, however, the paper hopes to develop this area in the near future. Please check back for these items.  Again we look forward to serving you and taking positive steps and inroads in changing today's news.

MAIL-- All mail received at The Jewish Observer, Los Angeles that does not bear a return address on the face of the envelop is not opened and immediately discarded. No exceptions.

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