Agudath Israel of America applauds the New York State Legislature for their recent action (A8917, S7597) moving the 2018 primaries from Tuesday September 11th 2018 to Thursday September 13th. This year Tuesday September 11th falls out on the second day of Rosh Hashanah, thus preventing observant Jews from exercising their right to vote.

The bill, sponsored by Senator Simcha Felder and Assemblymember Robert Carroll passed both the Senate and Assembly unanimously and awaits Governor Cuomo’s signature.
“To have an election on a day where so many would be precluded from voting due to religious reasons would be inherently unfair” said Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel, Executive vice President of Agudath Israel “and we thank the legislature for correcting this. We are particularly grateful to Senator Felder and Assemblymember Carroll for their leadership on this issue.”

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Now that we have a president that recognizes a reality that dates back to biblical times – almost three thousand years – the time has come for us all to recognize the reality upon which our Founders established the greatest united nation in history. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Only one month ago, those who rely on fake media were led to believe that the biggest violator of women’s dignity was an old Republican Senator who dated teenage girls 40 years ago, which was substantiated with a message he had written in a girl’s yearbook describing her as sweet and beautiful. Now we have learned that such violations have been running rampant among politicians, newscasters and in the entertainment world, and was covered up for years. Even when this truth was finally revealed, reporters acted like they were shocked by this news. We now know this too was faked.

Those of us who follow political news have been led to believe that the biggest threat to our political system occurred when the American People chose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. We now know this to have been based on a long string of lies that will likely continue until next November, when we will be presented with the wonderful opportunity to elect those who will replace “the most dangerous man to ever occupy the White House” – with a true “Progressive.”  

Those of us who followed the election of the last Progressive President in 2008, were led to believe that America had elected the savior of our democratic republic. He was going to fix the Progressive policies that led millions of Americans to lose their life savings. He was also going to restore “transparent government” and “do what works.”

It took only about one month into his presidency for Americans to learn that he planned to do nothing of the kind. When he rushed through the $787 billion “Stimulus Package” – “borrowing” this money from children yet unborn – we quickly learned the truth. When we saw that this bill also included a clause to kill the lifesaving DC Scholarship Program – costing $18 million at the time – Americans recognized that we had elected a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

This gave rise to the Tea Party Movement – the most powerful such political force in a generation - which quickly mushroomed across the USA. Not to be outdone, the IRS was sent out to silence this movement, and gain Progressives four more years to consolidate their power. We have been getting a taste of this power every day since President Donald Trump took office. His first year in office resembles a maze with no way out, and major plans are in place for Progressives to set things right –actually left- in 2018.

The only “truth” that Progressives recognize is that which enriches and empowers them, which can only be taken from the American People, including generations yet unborn. As taught by President Woodrow Wilson, the truths which our founders held to be self-evident, read now “like documents taken out of a forgotten age.” Tragically, we have been heading downhill ever since he took office in 1913, with brief rest stops, such as the eight years of President Ronald Reagan.

The elections of 2018 may be our last opportunity to save our ship of state from a complete takeover by Progressives. This can only be done by ordinary Americans working in total harmony to replace all Progressives in government -regardless of party- with true Patriots who have proven themselves to be givers – not takers. “Bribery blinds the eyes of the wise and corrupts the words of the righteous,” which is taught in the document “from a forgotten age,” applies to those who pass our laws, just as those who enforce them.

It’s time for us to get real, and restore the truths, which our self-sacrificing Founders held to be self-evident. Every American citizen can help by signing up to vote, and electing only those willing to sponsor the bill that will restore the truths that made us great on July 4, 1776.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Accordingly, all parents are to be empowered to provide their children with quality K-12 education that meets their needs, talents and faith, for one-half the cost of their local public school, provided they are taught and trained to comply with the laws of their city, state and country. Half the savings are to be returned to taxpayers and half are to pay down government debt.”

With the help of every liberty loving American, and these one hundred words, we can usher in a new era of domestic tranquility, prosperity, liberty and justice.

Israel Teitelbaum


                                     EDITORIAL MASTHEAD

Mollette, Glenn, contributing columnist

Reuben, Liz  editor

Israel Teitelbaum, contributing columnist


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Every person in America should have the privilege of driving a car if they meet the qualifications.  Requirements involve passing written and driving tests and passing a vision test. Enough incidents of driving violations or driving impaired can certainly curtail and even eliminate our privilege to drive an automobile.
Most everyone has made mistakes while driving a car. Most of us have driven too fast or crossed over the centerline or done something foolish while behind the wheel. Everybody makes mistakes in judgment.
An extreme mistake in judgment can bring about crippling results and even death to the driver or others on the highway. Traffic accidents and fatalities happen every day somewhere in America.
Most of us do not want to fathom what life would be without our car or at least subways, trains and planes. The concept of being stuck without transportation does not bode well with most of us.
On May 14, 1988 Larry Mahoney was driving northbound in the southbound lanes of Interstate 71 close to Carrollton, Kentucky. His blood alcohol concentration the night of the crash was .24 percent. The legal limit of .10 was obviously exceeded substantially. Mahoney would hit a school bus carrying a church group on a return trip from King's Island resulting in the death of 27 of the 67 passengers and becoming the deadliest incident involving drunk driving in United States history.  Mahoney was said to have no memory of the crash and learned of the collision after waking in the hospital the next day.  He would walk out of prison September 1, 1999 having served 10 years and 11 months.
Mahoney should never ever be allowed to drive again or drink alcohol. Yet, it's too late for those on that fatal bus crash. It only takes one drunk driving incident to kill many. Who or how would we have ever known Mahoney would do such a thing that he later would not even remember himself? We wouldn't. Mahoney didn't wake up on May 14,1988 with a determination to kill people. He did want others have done in consuming too much alcohol and getting behind the wheel of a car. He was an impaired driver.
Too much alcohol impairs a person's judgment. Thus who are we to blame? Mahoney or the alcohol? Mahoney was sentenced to prison but bourbon whiskey cannot be made, stored and sold fast enough in Kentucky. Business is booming turning over a billion dollars in annual sales.
We put people in jail for DUIs and suspend drivers' licenses and imprison people like Larry Mahoney. We never blame the alcohol but the people who make stupid choices. Do we need to get some of the alcohol off the streets and out of the restaurants and out of the homes, etc.? It's not even a thought. The National Football League couldn't survive without beer and beer advertising. I'm thinking Kentucky couldn't survive without their share of  the $825 million dollars in taxes just from the bourbon industry.

Yet, we don't push for new alcohol laws. Most every restaurant cries and screams until it can push the local government to go "wet."  Alcohol is seen as the savior for every county or small town that is dry. Yet, alcohol is never blamed for anybody's problems. It's always the person who made bad choices.
Guns are now blamed for America's troubles. Guns do kill people when in the hands of the wrong person. What happened in Florida last week and every place where there has been a shooting is horrendous. Something must be done to keep guns and weapons out of the hands of the mentally ill. Now is the time to enact strict measures.
Crazy people do not need guns of any kind.
People feel it's their personal choice and freedom to consume alcohol, smoke cigarettes, pot, gamble and have unlimited access to pornography and opioids. I recently read one column that said opioids are killing more people in America than guns. I do believe there are some things that only impact the person personally and I am for people having the freedom to do what only impacts them. It's their life and if they choose to destroy it then it's their choice. However, most everything that your mom, dad, brother, sister or child does will impact you personally. Other people and society pay the price for your stupidity. I had loved ones who smoked all the time and it was their bodies and lungs but I inhaled a lot of that smoke as a kid and so have millions of others.
America is a free country. We feel we are entitled to everything. Are we really entitled to everything? Are we entitled to purchase hand grenades and bazookas? Are we entitled to own our own atomic weapons? Am I entitled to drive anything on the highway?
I don't own any assault rifles. I've never desired one. I have shotguns, and pistols. Those who own them feel it's their second amendment right and I support the second amendment. I just can't figure out why we have to have assault rifles. I've heard the rationale. We might need them to defend ourselves against bad government, ISIS and the list goes on. I'm not going to rule out that I will not buy one but I don't have the passion for owning one. I don't know why I would.
I wonder where our hope and trust is in America? It seems like our motto has become In Guns We Trust. Is a gun the answer for everything? I'm not giving up the Colt 45 on my bedside table. However, to so many it seems the answer to everything is more guns. Yes I do think we now need armed security about everywhere... schools, churches etc. However a society of more guns and more violence is a despairing and bleak forecast for this country.
For many the motto is In Drugs We Trust. The drug epidemic in America is catastrophic. Will Congress outlaw drugs? Will all pain medication be outlawed? Two million Americans are addicted to prescription opioids according to the American Society of Addiction Medicine. An additional 600,000 are addicted to heroin and some estimates say over 59,000 people died from drug overdose deaths in 2016. Millions of Americans will do whatever it takes to get their opioids. Granted, in recent years lawsuits have been filed against drug manufacturers, pill clinics have been closed and there is now an awareness and some movement to deal with the issue.
Our problems in America are not pain medication, guns, welfare or even religion. Statistics support all these are abused.
Our problems are of the heart and soul. Are we good people today? Are Americans good people? Do we care about anybody else? How many people do you love and would get up in the middle of the night to go help if they called you? Is the world only about you and what you can get?
We quit teaching, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." We disposed of the second commandment that teaches love your neighbor as yourself. We stopped teaching thou shalt not kill. We took prayer out of schools and ripped the Ten Commandments off classroom walls. Are we now better for it?
I don't have the answer. I'm just like most other Americans treading water and climbing on the bumps of life.
I do know we must step back and stop attacking each other. Attacking each other, biting each other, devouring each other is only creating a chasm in this nation that is making us vulnerable to outside enemies. The best way to beat any team or defeat any group is to get that team or group fighting among them selves.
And then there is finally balance. Balance is about resolve, giving and taking and being willing to edit a bit. Whether it's guns, opioids, alcohol or most anything in our country finding a balance seems to be our greatest difficulty.  

Dr. Glenn Mollette, Washington, D.C.

The Jewish Observer,

Los Angeles


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