Dr. Mordechai Kedar:
Israeli scholar of Arabic culture and a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University. Watch Dr. Kedar on Al-Jazeera TV HERE.   
State of Israel Independence Day Ceremony
יום העצמאות של מדינת ישראל
Commemorating the Legacy of Mitchell (Mitch) Flint, the 1948 American Volunteer Pilot Who Helped Israel to WIN its War of Independence ~ Presenter: Rabbi Daniel Bouskila
Appetizers and drinks will be served.

Dear Friend,

This year, Israel celebrates its 70th birthday. The survival of the Jewish people, the revival of their ancient language, and their return to their ancestral land is one of the greatest miracles in recorded history.

Yet while we celebrate the miracle of Israel, we will not take it for granted.

In the course of its 70 years Israel has faced multiple existential threats, and this year is no different.

An enriched an emboldened Iran is projecting its power throughout the region and building military bases and bomb factories near Israel's borders.

 A battle-hardened Hezbollah continues to grow its massive stockpiles of missiles aimed at every major city in Israel.

Hamas continues to dig terror tunnels and prepare for a new round of war with Israel.

The Palestinian Authority continues to incite its people to murder Israelis while richly rewarding those who do so.

We pray that 2018 will be peaceful for Israel.  However CUFI is preparing to launch aggressive efforts to help defend Israel from these challenges in the coming year.


Continue moving the Taylor Force Act through Congress to stop the flow of US tax dollars to Palestinian terrorists;

Encourage President Trump to continue his strong support for Israel at the UN and move forward with plans to relocate the US Embassy in Jerusalem;

   Support anti-BDS bills in Congress and state legislatures; and

    Cut off the flow of funds to Hezbollah and Iran.

With your help, we will move into 2018 better equipped than ever before to bless and defend Israel.  As we celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday, let's work together to help ensure that Israel will celebrate many more birthdays to come.

May G[-]d Bless You and Those That You Love,

Pastor John Hagee
Founder and Chairman

David Brog


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Join us for a lecture by
Dr. Mordechai Kedar
on the occasion of the
State of Israel's 70th Anniversary

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Date: Wednesday, April 18, 2018
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