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The World is Under Attack, and this Time

Laniado is on the Frontline

Laniado’s mission is to provide modern and sophisticated premier patient care while preserving the value and sanctity of life. Today, everyone is affected by the global coronavirus pandemic. Laniado Hospital, like all hospitals in Israel, is preparing specially to deal with this crisis. We have obtained a great deal of specific equipment: high-tech devices, pharmaceuticals, protective equipment, and various remote control systems.  
This all has a cost. Laniado Hospital has so far spent over $1,000,000, and it covers a population of over 500,000 people.  Despite all these efforts, 30 ventilators and 30 monitors still need to be purchased. The ventilator helps to assist the patient's breathing and the monitor makes it possible to monitor vitals. Each ventilator costs $18,000 and each monitor $6,000.  We need you, please partner with us.  Every donation makes a difference!  https://www.firstaccept.net/lan .Together we will save lives! With prayers for good health,

Meir Mark
Executive Vice President

         27 Adar-4 Nisan, 5780                                          March 23-29, 2020 -- THE JEWISH OBSERVER, LOS ANGELES -- 632nd Web Ed.



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